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RE/SAUCE Magazine special feature and PLUTO project

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Dear producer Kato-san's team has published RE/SAUCE Magazine. It is a medium that discerns the essence of manufacturing in this era and revitalizes manufacturing.

vol.01 reproduction

A site of creative regeneration through art and craftsmanship

Kanamori Alloy was featured in the "Rebirth" by Japanese Craftsmen.

The cover of the first issue shows the site of Kanamori Alloy, where products are melted and created at 1200℃.

In the first issue, we are working on creating a special PLUTO pen stand made from recycled non-ferrous metals.

"PLUTO", which began distribution on Netflix from October 26th, is based on the popular episode "The Largest Robot on Earth" from Osamu Tezuka's masterpiece "MIGHTY ATOM" by Naoki Urasawa, produced by Hisashi Nagasaki, and supervised by Makoto Tezuka. , the manga was remade with the help of Tezuka Productions and turned into an anime.

(From RE/SAUCE Magazine)

We are carefully working with our craftsmen and will be notified when reservations begin on the RE/SAUCE Magazine online site. We would appreciate it if you could wait for a while until the product is released.


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