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We have accumulated 300 years of history
Manufacturing of "industry x crafts" that will be connected to the next 300 years

In 1611 (Keicho 16), the first Yaemon Kanamori, who laid the foundation for Takaoka casting, was one of the seven founders who served Toshinaga Maeda, the lord of the Kaga domain.
From the Maeda family's armor and furnishings, Bonsho, and rice-cooking pots to industrial machine parts, gradually changing and evolving according to the times.
It has inherited the traditional sand casting technique for 300 years.

Casting technology, which began in ancient times with decorations and rituals, has made great strides today and requires high-precision technology.

Kanamori Alloy has the technical ability to provide parts and materials for the "H-IIA rocket" that Japan is proud of, and as a founder whose technology has been recognized by the Kaga Maeda family.

We value tradition and flexibly manufacture products that meet the needs of our customers from one piece.


In 2018, we received the "Kanazawa Long-established Store Award" from the Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry to honor companies that have been in business for over 100 years.

Please feel free to contact us for prototypes and requests for quotations.


1611 (16th year of Keicho)

1714 (4th year of Shotoku)

1750年 (寛延3年)

1845 (2nd year of Koka)

1911 (Meiji 44)

1957年 (昭和32年)

2006年 (平成18年)

2018 (Heisei 30)

2019 (first year of Reiwa)

2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)

2023年 (令和5年)

Toshinaga Maeda, the lord of the Kaga domain, invites seven founders, including the first Yaemon Kanamori, to lay the foundation for Takaoka castings in Kanayamachi, Takaoka, Imizu-gun, Etchu Province.

Hachiroemon Kanamori founded a foundry as a forbidden founder of the shop name "Kamahachi"

琴江院梵鐘を鋳造 (石川県珠洲市 有形文化財)

Obtained a founder's license from the Shinsetsu family who controls the founders nationwide

Moved to Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture and started casting for the first time in this area



Received the "Kanazawa Long-established Award" from the Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce to honor companies that have been in business for over 100 years.

・ Started "KAMAHACHI", a lifestyle brand that expresses "industry x crafts"

 The symbol product "Kenzan without needles" made of copper alloy

46th Ishikawa Design Exhibition  Received the President's Award of the Kutani Ceramics Commerce and Industry Cooperative Association

JETRO Cool Japan Overseas Demand Development Program under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

第13回LIFE×DESIGN ギフト・ショー春2023 「ベスト工場賞」受賞

中小企業基盤整備機構「中小企業応援士」 認定

第13回いしかわエコデザイン賞2023 製品領域 銀賞

第50回 石川県デザイン展 石川県商工会議所連合会会頭賞 受賞


Company Profile

































company name






Number of employees

Business content


Factory scale






Main customer

(In alphabetical order)













Major suppliers


Owned equipment

Kanamori Alloy Co., Ltd.


Representative Director Kazuharu Kanamori, 23rd generation



6-100 Matsumura, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

TEL. 076-267-3003

FAX. 076-267-3019


10 million yen


9 people


Casting and manufacturing of aluminum / copper alloy products


Site area 2145 square meters

Building area 890 square meters

Hokkoku Bank Daitoku Branch

Hakusan Shinkin Bank Head Office


・ Akashi Godo Co., Ltd.

・ Ishikawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

・ H & F Co., Ltd.

・ Okada Polishing Co., Ltd.

・ Sun Plant Industry Co., Ltd.

・ Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd. Other group companies

・ Shinwa Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

・ Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd.

・ Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Ltd.

・ Nagano Pump Co., Ltd.

・ Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.

・ Yamashin Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

   More than 100 other companies

・ Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd.

・ Yatsuka Metal Trading Co., Ltd.

・ Metari Co., Ltd.

・ Hokuriku Smelting Co., Ltd.

・ Kanamori Tohei Shoji Co., Ltd.

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