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Hyatt Centric Kanazawa's environmental conservation project that recycles aluminum cans in a modern way

Thursday, April 27, 2023

We designed an egg stand for the restaurant using recycled aluminum cans from Hyatt Centric Kanazawa. The all-dining FIVE – Grill & Lounge will now be available ✨

In fact, it has been arranged so that it can be used not only as an egg stand, but also for three different purposes. When you see it at a restaurant, please take a look at the soft texture of cast aluminum.

It is on sale at the KAMAHACHI store, so please check here for details.

Friday, July 14, 2023

An environmental conservation project in which discarded aluminum cans at Hyatt Centric Kanazawa are recycled, recycled into modern tableware, and reused at the hotel.


It has been recycled into the buffet tag stand used in the all-dining FIVE – Grill & Lounge and is now being used at hotels.

When you dine in our restaurant, be sure to check out our modern textures.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

A project to recycle Hyatt Centric Kanazawa's aluminum cans into tableware, which is being promoted as a microcycle for environmental conservation.


In December 2023, the Hyatt Group held a selection meeting for the sustainability category in the Asia-Pacific region, and this project also had the opportunity to enter. Out of approximately 150 participating hotels, Hyatt Centric Kanazawa was the only hotel in Japan to make it to the final nine.


Unfortunately, we did not win the championship, but I feel that this is a unique initiative that takes advantage of Kanazawa's manufacturing technology, and that it will be meaningful if it becomes more widely known as an example.


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