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Circular Economy/Hyogo Prefecture NPO Izushi Machiya Plus Recycles metal waste from vacant houses

Monday, December 18, 2023

Turn your metal waste into the resources you need

The technology for refining metal waste that Kanamori Gokin has inherited since its founding was carried out during the Edo period by trading on Kitamaebune ships, purchasing metal waste from Ezo and recycling it into everyday items such as flower vases and pots and pots.

This time, with the cooperation of Izushi Machiya Plus, an NPO in Hyogo Prefecture, we are recycling copper pots, ornaments, etc. from vacant houses into bronze tile plates.

■Cooperating organization: Izushi-cho, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture NPO Izushi Machiya Plus

◆An example of waste materials

・Copper pots and frying pans

・Copper tea utensils, tableware

・Copper furniture

A recycling business that delivers metal scraps that are no longer needed to those who need them.

If you consult with us, we will propose recycling to KAMAHACHI products or desired items.


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