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Traditional sand casting
Traditional Sand Casting

After pouring the metal melted at high temperature into the mold, it cools and hardens,

Metal products made by taking them out of the mold are called "castings".

Making a casting is called "casting".

To make a "casting", to pour in molten metal

You will need a type (template), but it refers to a technique to make a casting I use the hardened sand "sand-type" and "sand mold molding".

Kanamori Alloy uses traditional casting technology and refining technology to make H-IIA rocket parts materials, copper alloys and aluminum alloys for industrial machinery parts.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of design-related products.

From made-to-order products to mass production

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Mold / plan design

 ・ Mold: A mold is used for mass production, and a wooden mold is used for a small amount.

 ・ Plan: Design drawing of the mold considering the flow of metal

Sand mold / core production

 ・ Sand mold: Air pressure is used for mechanical loading, and craftsmen use the power of craftsmen to harden sand.

  The upper and lower molds of the sand mold are made separately and assembled to complete the mold.

 ・ Core: For making complex shapes like bean paste for making Taiyaki

  Product cavity


Pour in melted and refined metal

 Copper alloy : Approximately 1,200 ℃

 Aluminum alloy: Approximately 800 ℃ 

Cooling / removal

・ When the molten metal cools and solidifies in the sand mold, remove the product from the sand.


 ・ Casting is completed by cutting unnecessary parts that have been cooled and solidified at the sprue.

 Shot blasting / various grinders are used properly for careful polishing

Machine roughing

 ・Depending on the product, cutting using a lathe, milling machine, or drilling machine

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* Aluminum material: Newspaper printing plate is melted by our own technology and upcycled into products . Recycling-type manufacturing that considers environmental energy

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