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-Since 1714 -

Our crafts that will lead to the next 300 years



-Since 2019 -

​Beautiful time and life

Timeless Style & Design

1611 (16th year of Keicho)

Yaemon Kanamori was appointed by Toshinaga Maeda, the lord of the Kaga domain, as one of the seven imoji masters.

And the pot kettle manufactured by the craftsmen of Kanamori became an indispensable tool in the kitchen of the citizens.

1714 (4th year of Shotoku)

Hachiroemon Kanamori is nicknamed "Hachiroemon Nabekama"

Founded a foundry under the name "Kamahachi"

Takumi's skill continues to the present day after 300 years.



The sand casting technology that has been passed down from the Edo period to the present day,

Taking advantage of the functionality of the metal material itself

A lifestyle brand that beautifully colors the scene of life

"KAMAHACHI" was born.

The beauty of minerals that change their facial expressions depending on the angle of light, due to the handiwork of craftsmen

The unique texture that is created the more you use it is attractive.


Color your life with beautiful designs as the seasons change

KAMAHACHI is timeless and cross-border

Connecting beauty to the future.


Copper Series


For a glossy copper alloy

Live a single flower

Product list of copper alloys

Aluminum Series 


With a dignified aluminum alloy

Decorate the table

Aluminum alloy product list

"Pin-less Kenzan"​​

Due to the antibacterial effect of copper alloy, the life of flowers lasts about 1.5 times longer.


KAMAHACHI's "Needleless Kenzan" prevents water corrosion by the antibacterial effect of copper ions and prolongs the life of flowers by about 1.5 times. Designed to insert stems into the recesses, Kenzan allows flowers to stand on their own without needles. With a luxurious texture like gold and flowers that live with the weight of copper material, it gives off the charm of its existence like an object.

✿ Reiwa 2nd year Kanazawa Kagayaki Brand Life-related Category Award ✿ 46th Ishikawa Design Exhibition "Craft Design Category"
Kutani Ceramics Commerce and Industry Cooperative Association Chairman's Award ✿ JETRO Cool Japan Overseas Demand Development Program "TAKUMI NEXT 2020" adopted






Styling the Seasons

You can easily decorate seasonal flowers from one flower

Bring your daily life to life at KAMAHACHI's Mt. Tsurugi.


Pin-less Kenzan / Petal

Needleless Kenzan / Petal

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Product review

Will last a long time!

I searched for a product I saw on TV and bought it here, but it really lasts a long time!

It would be nice to have a smaller type. I thought it was a little expensive, but

I am glad that the chances of decorating flowers with corona swords and enjoying them will increase and they will last a long time.

much *******

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