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Kenzan without needles / Garden-S

Flowers last about 1.5 times longer!

A needleless and fascinating swordsman where you can enjoy "flowers" more closely and easily.

Play the seasons more closely and freely.


There is no needle even though it is called Kenzan, and it has a unique design that uses flowers inserted in the recesses.

It looks like an objet d'art in itself, and is modern with a glass vessel.

Classic with pottery.

You can change the impression according to the image of the room.

Gentle on people and flowers, keeps water clean with the antibacterial effect of copper ions,

Makes the flowers last longer.



✿ Point

-Copper ion has been proven to have antibacterial effects against various viruses and fungi such as influenza A, norovirus, and O-157. The needleless Kenzan is made of bronze and has the effect of making the flowers last longer by suppressing the corrosion of water. In a verification experiment with the Ishikawa Agricultural Experiment Station, it has been proved that 167% of flowers have a long-lasting effect.


-You can insert one flower or several flowers. Please choose the design according to the size of the stem or branch.


-A type of copper alloy, "bronze," is a metal that ages. It is a durable material that is said to be about 6,000 years old and is not easily broken.


-Traditional sand casting that supplies rocket parts materials, handmade by craftsmen one by one.


It has been introduced in various media such as NHK "Good Morning Japan", "Close-up Gendai +", and Nippon Television "Law Consultation Center where you can line up".

Please enjoy the unique texture and aging of copper.

Kenzan without needles / Garden-S

Sales Tax Included
  • ・MATERIAL: 青銅

    ・SIZE :(S)φ45×H18 ㎜


    ・銅合金の抗菌効果で水の腐食を防ぎ、花をみずみずしく長持ちさせる機能性。石川県農業試験場との検証実験では167 %長持ち する効果がお墨付き。






    ✿Kamahachi plate-S/Lは水盤としておすすめです。



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