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Antibacterial touchless key

Beautifully protected antibacterial touchless key made of copper alloy

Copper alloy (phosphor bronze) with a high-class feel like gold has stable quality that conforms to Japanese Industrial Standards. The unevenness of the sand by sand casting expands the surface area and is devised to enhance the antibacterial and deodorant effects.
By giving it roundness and thickness, it is designed to prevent scratches on the object to be hooked.



✿ Point

-Small, easy to use and convenient to carry! You can press the straps, doors, touch panels and buttons without touching them directly.


-Copper ion has been proven to have antibacterial effects against various viruses and fungi such as influenza A, norovirus, and O-157.


・ In a verification experiment with BOKEN, the effect of our own phosphor bronze on reducing isovaleric acid, which is an odor component of sweat, by 96% in 2 hours is endorsed. If you attach it to the key and put it in the bag, it will promote deodorization.


-A type of copper alloy, "bronze," is a metal that ages. It is a durable material that is said to be about 6,000 years old and is not easily broken.


-A strong, durable, beautifully shaped phosphor bronze product that is cast with rocket quality.

Antibacterial touchless key

Sales Tax Included
  • ・MATERIAL:リン青銅
    ・SIZE:W40×D80×H5 ㎜


    BOKENとの検証実験で自社リン青銅が、汗の匂い成分であるイソ吉草酸を2時間で96%減少 する効果がお墨付き。







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